Residential Real Estate Appraisals

CTC Appraisal Services has certified and licensed appraisers that adhere to the highest level of public trust in appraisal practice by following the requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). In developing a real property appraisal, our appraisers identify the problem to be solved, determine the scope of work necessary, and correctly complete research and analyses necessary to produce a credible and accurate appraisal. Our clients trust our appraisers to develop and communicate their analyses, opinions, and conclusions in a manner that is meaningful and comprehensive.

CTC Appraisal Services offers a comprehensive scope of residential appraisal products, including:

FNMA 1004/FHLMC 70 – Standard
FNMA 1004C/FHLMC 70B – Manufactured Home
FNMA 1004/FHLMC 1007/216 – Rental property with addendums
FNMA 2055/FHLMC 2055 – Exterior
FHA 1004//1073/1025
FNMA 1073/FHLMC465 – Condominium
FNMA 1075/FHLMC 466 – Condominium Exterior
FNMA 1025/FHLMC72 – Small residential income 1-4 multi-family
FNMA 1004D/FHLMC Final inspection or Updated Appraisal
FNMA 2000/FHLMC 1032 Field review
FNMA 2006 Desk review
FNMA 2000A Field review Multi-family
FNMA 2075/FHLMC FW 68 Vacant lot & small acreage
Operating Income Statement (216)
Single-Family Comparable Rent Schedule (1007)