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Florida Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

Florida Commercial Real Estate AppraisalsAt CTC Appraisal Services, we proudly offer appraisals across the state of Florida. Our experienced local appraisers are committed to providing our commercial real estate clients the best appraisals available in the industry.

Our reputation for accuracy is unparalleled leading our appraisal reports to be highly trusted by lenders nationwide. If you are in need of an appraisal to assist with buy/sell decisions or to help you determine the true value of your asset, we can help.  Depending on your situation, we have several reports types available and can help you determine the one that best suits your needs. We always work quickly and offer the best possible customer service to help you get an accurate and stress-free appraisal.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

We offer our Florida clients both Limited Scope Restricted Use Appraisal Report and Limited or Expanded Scope Summary Appraisal Report.

  • Limited Scope Restricted Use Appraisal Report: Useful as a first step in determining the value of your property, this report is for our client’s use only, and not to be used by third parties. It can help you make buy/sell decisions, be useful preliminary step in litigation matters, or be used for internal purposes
  • Limited or Expanded Scope Summary Appraisal Report: A more detailed and thorough report this appraisal will help you get a clear picture of your property’s true value. Depending on the property type, this report often requires onsite visits, photographs of the property and comps, market conditions and trends. We will also consider zoning, best use, and assess three approaches to value, if applicable. This report is best for clients needing an accurate value and is suitable lenders, owners, developers, attorneys, estate tax, and the IRS.

Contact us to determine the report type that will work best for your unique situation.

Real Estate AppraisalsReal Estate Appraisals

Our Florida appraisal clients can take advantage of our streamlined and efficient process that begins when you start your order. We pride ourselves on offering our clients quick appraisals that are trusted for their accuracy.

Contact CTC Appraisal Services for a valuation of your commercial property today. Let us help you determine the value of your real estate.